• Image of Cast Aluminum Finned FXR Side Covers
  • Image of Cast Aluminum Finned FXR Side Covers

New run coming around the 20th of October.

Here they are.

I do these in limited numbers when I can.

Cast Aluminum covers that will replace the steel or plastic side covers on any FXR, 1982 to 1994. Does not matter if its uses the rubber mounts or solid mounts.

Fins are brushed and the covers are coated with a black texture coating for a unique finish.

If you have the rubber mounts i suggest replacing them with new ones, just to be on the safe side, (even tho they are only 1 ounce heavier than the chromed steel ones) your local Harley dealer should have them. Harley part number 8099

I no longer do pre-orders for parts but I have these in hand and will be finishing them and will be able to start shipping by the first week in July, after Born Free. I don't have very many and when they are gone its usually at least a few months between runs.

Thank you!